Sleep is the Best Therapy

There is a good question everybody asks:
How many hours of sleep are required to feel well? 

The answers may alter. According to the statistics people require from seven to nine hours to be in shape. However, there are people that state that they feel exhausted and worn out even after a nine-hour sleep. On the contrary, we have individuals who may be quite content with a three-hour sleep. These variations are explained as a difference in the genetic codes.

To prove that the older the nation gets the less it sleeps, scientists held a simple test. They compared the average length of sleep in the nineteenth century with the length in twentieth. The result showed that the duration of sleep has been 20% reduced. Modern society now sleeps half an hour less than it used to do two hundred years ago. Technical innovations that are destined to make our lives easier make us stressed out and take time from us.

There is no living human that does not like sleeping. Sleep is extremely good for the immune system and for the state of the body in general. There was a good rule in my family when I was a little kid. When someone was sound asleep, nobody had a right to wake him/her up, unless there was a fair reason to do so.

Seems quite possible to plan rest and work, but daily problems surround us every minute. Parents and children wake up early to get to kindergarten, to school to work, and million other places.

There are some professions that require their holders to be at work late at night and those poor people go there every day. Students usually sit up late with their current tasks assignments and prepare for future tests.

For some people, life starts after dark when clubs, pubs, casinos, cafes attract people that enjoy such an atmosphere. Sometimes they start their new day after having only a two-hour sleep or even having no sleep at all. Such mornings do not bring anything pleasant but headaches, exhaustion, and aggression. This rhythm of life does more harm than brings pleasure. Lack of sleep also causes obesity, says Canadian scientists.

If the body demands rest, let the brain rest also. Sound sleep is a gift. Nightmares are even worse than being awake. If a person remembers dreams after the night, this means that your brain was not resting, and what you have as a result are a constant headache and broken nerves.

Live a healthy life and take care of yourself and others around you and your life will start to seem easier.